Month: January 2020

What are the advantages of credit card insurance?

Imagine that at the end of the month, you notice a “strange” purchase on your invoice. Neither you nor any of your family members made that acquisition. That is, you have been the victim of a fraud. In this situation, it is necessary to contact the card operator, explain the fact and request reimbursement of

Learn how the consortium letter of credit works

  The consortium is the ideal alternative for those seeking to realize their goals and ensure a peaceful future. When the consortium member is contemplated, it receives the contracted amount from the administrator. Learn more about how it works and what are the benefits of credit.   What is consortium credit? After contemplation, the credit

What is difficult credit? How to exit the loan loop?

As they say, the first step is the hardest to do. Later he goes downhill. When we apply this proverb to loans, it may not be as colorful. While taking the first loan and repayment of one installment does not cause us problems, the next one can be a greater burden. When we remember how

Credit inquiry vs. conditional request

With very few exceptions among online banks, all German credit institutions work with Credit Checker. They have the contracts with their customers entered the Credit Checker database for information. On the other hand, they inspect the Credit Checker database before the contract is signed. The Credit Checker score shown there is often the decisive basis