HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – Cameron County Commissioners addressed the Republic Service’s delay in brush and bulk pickup and ruled they broke their current contract on Tuesday.

“We’ve had complaints from people who have said their brush hasn’t been picked up for weeks or months at a time and it just isn’t acceptable,” County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. said. by Cameron.

According to section 20.01 of the contract between Cameron County residents and Republic Services, they are required to pick up 10 cubic meters of brush and bulk per month, but some residents have said it has been months since the brush had been removed. been picked up.

“We’re disappointed it got to this point because we’ve tried to work with them – with Republic – and make them aware of the issues the public has made us aware of that they need to fix!” »Says Trévino.

After more than a decade of contract with Republic, County 3 Ward Commissioner David Garza read the resolution publicly.

“And whereas Cameron County hereby places the Republic Services on a written notice that they have a material breach due to the lack of timely brush collection on a monthly basis which is required in the contract with Cameron County. “

David A. Garza, City 3 of Cameron County

Although Republic Service neglected to pick up the brush, Trevino said it was up to the customer and Republic Services to decide if a refund was possible.

“It’s obviously between the individual person or client and Republic,” Trevino said. “But it’s something that will probably be brought up because it’s been requested from our side, but the county is just kind of a go-between,” Trevino said.

When KVEO asked Trevino why Republic’s services were late in picking up, Republic’s response is that they are getting more brush than usual.

“They provided us with information that supposedly – and I haven’t had time to verify it yet – but that the amount of brush pickup is actually more post-hurricane than we had in the summer. last, ”Trevino said.

Now Cameron County is giving Republic 30 days to catch up on picking up brushes before renegotiating or even terminating his contract.

“We have to give them the opportunity to try to tackle and solve these issues that everyone has made us aware of and that we are aware of,” Trevino said.

Although KVEO requested a response from the Republic’s services regarding the case, they refused an interview and released the following statement:

Republic Services of Rio Grande Valley takes great pride in serving clients throughout Cameron County. Due to increased brush and bulk removal and recent storms, there has been a further delay in some brush and bulk collection services. We assess the situation and respond to customer complaints. Republic Services appreciates the understanding and cooperation of our customers during this time.

Representative of the service of the Republic