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Joint Declaration of the United Nations ...

The United Nations System in the Dominican Republic is aware of the complex situation in Haiti, its potential impact on its neighbor, and the concerns of Dominican society in the face of the worsening crisis. It also recognizes the will and actions of the Dominican government to mobilize and seek the support of the international […]

Russia resumes flights to Czech Republic...

Russia to end restrictions on commercial and scheduled passenger charter flights from the Russian Federation to the Dominican Republic, Czech Republic and South Korea on August 27, the coronavirus crisis center announced today. of the country in a press release. Russia resumes flights to Czech Republic, Dominican Republic and South Korea “Following the discussions and […]

RMRP 2021 – Dominican Republic – Dominic

SITUATION The Dominican Republic (DR) hosts the largest number of refugees and migrants in the sub-region, with 114,000 Venezuelans. This number is expected to increase to 120,944 by December 2021. Many Venezuelans in the Dominican Republic lack regular migration status and face barriers in accessing basic services, financial institutions, and higher education. Lack of access […]