Export officials hope that the progress made with their waste and recycling contractor will cause fewer problems with the transportation service in the borough.

Council members have been unhappy with Republic services for some time, discussing unresolved issues at council meetings and responding to complaints from residents about missed pickups and poor service.

“The recycling truck doesn’t even come on my street,” City Councilor Vince Harding said. “The truck is too big. He can’t do it.

“It’s just not fair,” said city councilor Melanie Litz.

Republic’s contract with the borough specifies that the company must use smaller trucks on all roads in the borough except three. “Sometimes, due to mechanical problems, the use of a larger truck is necessary, and this change is approved by the local authorities,” a spokesman for the Republic said in a statement issued to the Tribune-Review.

Mayor Joe Zaccagnini said this was not the case and larger trucks were regularly used for pickups in the borough.

“These big trucks are tearing up curbs and new roads,” Zaccagnini said.

Council President Barry Delissio said he spoke this week with a government official.

“… We looked at everything,” Delissio said. “It’s more of a response than what I’ve received to date. He said they would look at things and fix things.

Export officials joined with Murrysville to negotiate the transport contract, which expires at the end of the year. Delmont officials have also expressed interest in joining the contract, despite the fact that they have also filed a fairly constant stream of Republic-related complaints.

City Councilor John Nagoda, a fierce Republic critic, said the borough should consider switching to a local transportation company.

“(The Republic) doesn’t care,” he said.

Delissio said he hoped his recent conversation would lead to a change.

“We will see Tuesday when the trucks pass,” he said.

Republic officials declined to provide a figure for complaints from Export over the past year.

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