The president signed on December 23, 2020 the law of the Republic n ° 11517 or “law authorizing the president to expedite the processing and issuance of national and local permits, licenses and certifications in the event of a national emergency” (“RA 11517” ).

RA 11517 covers all bodies of the executive branch, including departments, bureaus, commissions, councils, councils, government institutions and companies owned and controlled by the government.

Under Section 2 of the Act, the President, in the event of a national emergency, has the power to (a) expedite and streamline regulatory processes and procedures for new and pending applications and renewals of permits, licenses , authorizations, certifications or authorizations, including fixing or shortening the deadlines provided for by the laws, regulations, decrees and ordinances in force; (b) suspend or waive the requirements for obtaining such permits, licenses, authorizations, certifications or authorizations; and (c) permanently prescribe streamlined regulatory processes and procedures and the suspension or waiver of the requirements for obtaining permits, licenses, authorizations and certifications or authorizations, upon consultation or recommendation of relevant government agencies.

The law does not provide for automatic acceleration in the event of a national emergency but only delegates authority to the President, who must issue a corresponding ordinance.

As an exception to this emergency acceleration, the same section 2 of the law makes it clear that it cannot be used to undermine existing procedures and processes, under applicable laws, rules and regulations, intended to protect environment, especially those aimed at safeguarding protected areas and its buffer zones, and ecologically critical areas.

In addition to this authority and in accordance with the Constitution, the revised Administrative Code, other laws and case law, RA 11517 also grants the President the power to suspend or dismiss any government official or employee performing contrary acts. in article 2 of the law.

In accordance with its article 6, RA 11517 takes effect upon its publication in the Official Journal or in a newspaper with a large circulation.