JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The city of Jacksonville announces it will bring curbside recycling back in April after what has been a six-month hiatus.

Republic Services asks everyone to be careful about what they recycle.

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Republic Services’ recycling facility has never looked better. Since the city of Jacksonville shut down curbside recycling in October, fewer residents are recycling, leaving many committed recyclers to drag their trash to drop-off sites. This means that most of the recyclables that pass through the facility are good and clean.

Division Chief Jason Graves gave Action News Jax a tour of the facility in January. There he showed how there were fewer plastic bags, dirty food containers and non-recyclables.

Graves worries that once the sidewalk resumes and everyone recycles again, a lot of people won’t do it right.

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“It’s just plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags. That’s the first thing,” Graves said, pointing to the trash. “This is wrapping around our screens here, damaging our belts, bringing the sorting line down to where we need to go in and cut everything.”

To combat the problem, the city of Jacksonville plans to launch an app that will educate people about proper recycling.

Jacksonville Administrative Manager Brian Hughes said the idea was for residents to scan or tap an item to see whether or not it’s recyclable.

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“The best job we do upstream of recycling, to ensure that recyclable materials come in, it costs less to the city when we do that, so taxpayers get a good clean stream of recycling, and there’s just has a lot more efficiency in it,” Hughes told Action News Jax.

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