PHOENIX — To mark Earth Day, Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) is sharing myth-busting plastics recycling tips to help consumers become better recyclers. Demand is growing for recycled plastic to be used in consumer packaging, so it’s especially important that plastic bottles, jugs and containers end up in the recycling bin.

“Republic Services is committed to helping our customers put sustainability into action. We know people want to recycle, but there are a lot of misconceptions around recycling plastics. On this Earth Day, we want people to eliminate,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability. “By recycling, you can help turn your plastic water bottle into another water bottle. Recycling helps conserve natural resources, reduces emissions, and contributes to a more sustainable world.”

Today in the United States, only about 30% of single-use plastic bottles and jugs are recycled.1. Although recycling rates are low, demand is high for this recycled plastic. Many consumer brands have pledged to use more recycled content in their packaging, and some states are even requiring it.

Top 5 Plastics Recycling Myths:

  1. Myth: Plastic is not really recycled.
    Do: Plastic bottles, jugs, containers and jars are widely accepted for recycling in communities across the country, and there is a high demand for these materials.
  2. Myth: Anything plastic can go in your recycling bin.
    Do: Know what to throw away. Generally, plastic bottles with a neck or a handle or plastic containers and trays are recyclable in your curbside container.
  3. Myth: Plastic grocery bags can be recycled curbside.
    Do: Plastic bags require special handling to recycle and should not go in your curbside container. Put them back in the collection bins at the grocery store or big box store.
  4. Myth: You must put your recyclables in a bag.
    Do: Recyclable materials should never be bagged. Drop them loose in your recycling bin. Plastic bags can curl up and trap equipment at recycling facilities, causing delays or damage.
  5. Myth: Anything with a recycling symbol should go in your recycling bin.
    Do: The “chased arrows” symbol generally identifies the type of plastic used in a container or indicates that an item contains recycled content, but it does not mean that an item is recyclable.

As a leader in the environmental services industry, Republic Services is advancing the recycling and circularity of plastics through the development of the nation’s first integrated plastics recycling facility. Republic’s Polymer Center will process plastics from recycling facilities across the West and produce high-quality recycled plastic for consumer packaging. The first Polymer Center will open in 2023 in Las Vegas, with plans for two to three additional sites for national coverage to follow. For more information, visit

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