Republic Services recently upgraded the fiber lines at their 45 TPH facility in Seattle, WA, also known as Rabanco Recycling. The renovations include two MSS Fibermax single-eject and two double-eject optical sorters from CP Group of San Diego, California.

In 2018, Republic added two MSS Fibermax single-ejection optical sorters to meet new stringent export quality requirements of less than 0.5% contamination with a 50% reduction in headcount at the quality control stations of the fiber.

After successful integration and the achievement of modernization goals, Republic moved forward with the addition of two dual-ejection Fibermax units, which started up on March 21 of this year.

MSS Fibermax double eject units eject cardboard as well as prohibitive objects out of the paper line. These units reduced the workforce by 44% on the fiber quality control stations. Additionally, the units capture small OCCs and clean up any remaining contamination in the fiber.

“Since installing the Fibermax Additions, we have increased our revenue, improved the quality and value of the hardware, and improved the overall functioning of the MRF. The CP team is truly an exceptional group to work with, from installation to. service, and the machines speak for themselves, ”said Don Zimmerman, operations manager at Rabanco Recycling.

CP worked with the local Republic team to integrate the optical sorters over several weekends to eliminate plant downtime during the two renovations.

“It has been a pleasure working with Republic Seattle on their Fibermax additions. We are pleased to see the return on investment from these renovations amortized so quickly. Our companies have also been able to work together to minimize downtime. ‘This is a very successful integration and one of which we are proud, ”said Terry Schneider, Chairman and CEO of CP Group.

Republic Services has hired CP Group to integrate several other Fibermax units in recent years, including Anaheim, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Tucson, Fort Worth, Oberlin, Conover and other locations.