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Republic Services Declines To Bid For Flint’s Waste Transportation Contract

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – Residents of Flint will receive a new garbage truck this fall.

Offers were expected Monday for companies wanting a contract with Flint for garbage collection. Republic Services, the city’s longtime waste contractor, has decided not to submit a bid.

The company issued a statement on Monday saying, “After careful consideration of our business needs and our employees, Republic Services respectfully declined to submit an offer for a new service contract in Flint City.” As a result, the company will no longer be collecting garbage, yard waste or recycling when the 90-day contract extension expires this fall.

“We are grateful to the city for the opportunity to partner with them for over eight years,” the Republic Services statement read. “Our commitment to the City and its residents is evident in our willingness to continue providing service after our contract expires, and we appreciate the 90-day contract extension, which was granted at the request of City staff. City to facilitate their procurement process. “

Republic Services said it will work with the next company city officials choose to collect household waste and ensure a smooth transition.

Republic is currently in the process of picking up Flint’s trash on a 90-day contract extension after Flint City Council failed to act and let the previous contract expire without an extension. Some city officials have expressed concern about the company’s delay on routes and not picking up garbage on time.

Republic Service says a labor shortage has prevented the company from operating three separate routes for garbage, yard waste and recycling this spring and summer. The company then agreed to alternate recycling and collecting garden waste every week.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s office will select a new company and contract on July 28 and send it to City Council members for approval.

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