On October 10, Phoenix Children’s Hospital received a $50,000 donation from the Republic Services Charitable Foundation to support the development of the hospital’s simulation training lab.

According to a press release, Republic Services is part of the environmental services industry and charitable donations are an integral part of the company’s operations. Based in Phoenix, Republic Services believes it is essential to be included in the communities in which its employees live and work. This means committing to communities through product and service donations, employee volunteer opportunities, and award funds, such as the Phoenix Children’s Donation.

“Republic Services is proud to support Phoenix Children’s and grateful for all the hope and help they bring to families in our hometown,” said Jon Vander Ark, President and CEO of Republic Services, in the communicated. “The Republic Services Charitable Foundation is an essential part of who we are, and its positive impacts are embedded in our long-term sustainability goals.”

The donation was made possible through a partnership with The PCH50, also known as The Fifty. PCH50’s mission is to harness the energy, enthusiasm and experience of 50 motivated community leaders as the next generation of Phoenix Children’s supporters. PCH50 has pledged to raise $1 million in 2022 to support the development of a simulation training lab at the hospital. This latest donation from Republic Services means they are halfway to that goal.

“The simulation lab will allow doctors to practice the latest and most revolutionary techniques so they can hone their skills in real-world situations,” PCH50 president Barry Goodrich said in the release. “Even more lives will be saved with this new resource.”

A simulation program allows care teams to practice and provide the best care to each patient they see. Using various technologies, including realistic mannequins of children and reproductions of body areas where surgery is commonly performed, simulation science recreates critical healthcare scenarios. With the integration of existing 3D printing available at Phoenix Children’s, physicians will also be able to plan their surgical approach and practice with their operating room teams. Having a simulation center on-site at the Phoenix Children’s will allow surgeons to advance their techniques and rescue skills.

“Our doctors and surgeons are the best and the availability of these necessary tools can mean life-saving results,” said Dr. Daniel J. Ostlie, chief surgeon and president of surgery for Phoenix Children’s, in the release. “We are so grateful to our partners at Republic Services and PCH50 whose passion to help fund this simulation lab is truly incredible.”

Surgeons will also be equipped with commercially available stress and heart rate monitors, such as watches, and will receive information about their own physiological response to high stress scenarios so they can improve their performance. They will also have access to video debriefs once they complete a simulation lab and can be ‘coached’ on how to improve.

For more information on the PCH50, visit www.thepch50.com/. For more information about Republic Services, visit RepublicServices.com.

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