James davis of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the national residential driver of the year; Dedra McKinley of Baton Rouge, Louisiana., is the national commercial driver of the year; Redgenel “Tony” Forrest from Charlotte, North Carolina, is the national industrial pilot of the year; and Victoria barragan of Milpitas, California, is Operator of the Year.

“At Republic Services, safety is at the heart of every decision we make, and that dedication extends to our customers and our communities,” said Jon Vander Ark, President and CEO. “Recognizing a commitment to safety is one of the most meaningful honors a member of our industry can receive. On behalf of our 35,000 employees, I congratulate James, Dedra, Tony and Victoria on this remarkable achievement . “

The Driver of the Year awards recognize drivers who drive their trucks safely, maintain a top performance record, and improve overall safety and the industry’s image in eight categories. The Operator of the Year designation recognizes an employee working post-collection for a material recovery facility, landfill or transfer station who responsibly operates heavy equipment, including a bulldozer, front loader or a compactor.

Since 2009, Republic drivers have won over 70 percent of the NWRA’s Driver of the Year awards. This is Republic’s third consecutive Operator of the Year award, which was added in 2017. Barragan is the first woman to be recognized as NWRA Operator of the Year.

National Residential Driver of the Year 2021: James davis

Proud member of the Republic Services team at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, James davis has been with the company for 19 years as a residential driver. He is recognized by clients and his peers as an exceptional driver, with a flawless safety record throughout his career. Davis is loved by the residents he serves, befriending his customers and helping those in need of a helping hand with their collection bins.

National Commercial Driver of the Year 2021: Dedra McKinley

Dedra McKinley is from Republic Services’ Baton Rouge, Louisiana., division, and during her seven years with the Company, she made her mark in her community and among her colleagues. Described as the heart of her team, McKinley is meticulous in providing exceptional customer service and helping team members. She serves as a driving instructor, in which she trains and supervises future drivers.

National industrial pilot of the year 2021: Tony Forrest

Based at Republic Services’ Charlotte, North Carolina, division, Tony Forrest has been with the company for 34 years. He began his career after completing driving school, and his son followed in his footsteps as a driver of the Republic. Through it all, Forrest has continually been praised by his clients and colleagues for his superior customer service and proactive approach in carrying out his daily tasks.

National Operator of the Year 2021: Victoria barragan

Victoria barragan, from Republic Services Newby Island Resource Recovery Park to Milpitas, California, has been with the company for 29 years. With a commitment to sustainability, she began her career with the California Conservation Corps before joining the Republic Services team. She held various positions at the recycling facility before becoming a heavy equipment operator. Described as a master operator, Barragan is known to prioritize safety and the environment.

About the services of the Republic

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