PHOENIX, February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Republic Services (NYSE: RSG) is poised to lead an attack on waste on the West Coast by providing consumers with short, quick tips for celebrating the Big Game responsibly and sustainably. Whether you’re cheering on the Rams or the Bengals, or just listening to the commercials, you can be a recycling champion.

  • Hold the cheese, please: Pizza boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, a valuable and recyclable commodity. However, once a pizza box is soiled with grease and cheese, the cardboard is no longer recyclable and could even contaminate the entire bin. Not a head of cheese? If the top half of your pizza box is clean, simply tear it up and recycle it.
  • Have a positive and winning attitude: Aluminum is forever recyclable and offers unparalleled sustainability benefits. In fact, one recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours. If every home watching the game recycled a can of beer or soda, the energy saved could power SoFi and the Jungle for 10 seasons.
  • MVP: the most valuable plastics: Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions surrounding recycling plastics. Hard plastic containers like water bottles, milk jugs and plastic take-out containers are fully recyclable if they are empty, clean and dry. Remember to keep plastic bags and food wrappers on the bench.
  • The best offense is a good defense: Did you hear? Food and garden waste accounts for approximately 30% of the waste sent to landfills. Turn your leftover party snacks into compost and cut greenhouse gas emissions before they start. Find out how you can recycle your food scraps at home.

“When you watch football in the stadium or in your living room, it’s easy to be a winner with durability, no matter how your team plays on the pitch,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability. “Republic Services is making recycling easier by breaking down some of the perceived complexities and helping more Americans bring it into the celebration.”

Recycling is a simple way everyone can be more sustainable on special occasions and in their daily lives, and it’s important to know how and what to recycle. Visit for recycling tips, videos and other materials, and a recycling program for educators.

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