The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, also known as the Law of the Republic 11235 and more notoriously called the ‘double platelaw, is not yet dead.

Senator Richard Gordon, the main author of the law, calls on the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to propose its Rules and Regulations (IRR) to prevent it from becoming another dead letter law.

“Where is the IRR for the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act? Tandem assassins are still terrorizing the country. There is no time to linger; there is an urgent need to implement this law to stop these crimes,” Gordon said in a statement. declaration.

“The law aims to secure and protect citizens from crimes committed with the use of motorcycles by imposing larger, legible, color-coded license plates to make it easier for eyewitnesses to identify license plates. registration of motorcycles used in crimes they witness, “the senator added.

According to Gordon, the implementation of the double plate the law will “keep everyone safe”. One of its most important features, the senator pointed out, is the use of stolen license plates.

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“One of the main features of the law is that motorcycles traveling without license plates will be flagged and fined. Kapag ninakaw ang plate number dapat i-report within three days, ‘pag di nireport ng mai-ari, makakasuhan siya. “

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The LTO has been mandated by law to publish its TRI no later than 90 days after it goes into effect. The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Law was enacted on March 8, 2019. Do you think the implementation of this law will deter individuals from using motorcycles as a means of committing crimes, or is it? just another puzzle for two-wheeled motorists?

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