Spring Valley City Council took a step forward in its waste management decision at Monday’s meeting. The Board heard a presentation from Kevin North of Republic Services regarding the expiration of the organization’s contact with the city.

Republic Services has been Spring Valley’s waste disposal company since Allied Waste, the parent company of Republic Services, purchased Illinois Valley Waste Disposal in August 2017.

North said the organization’s proposal retains the same pick-up locations, but there would be new trucks that would use a mechanical arm to pick up a new special bin that would be provided to residents.

Under the new proposal, recycling would be picked up every two weeks and each residence would be allowed one bulk item per week, such as a sofa or chair. There would also be an electronic event every year to get rid of all items with a lanyard.

Republic is asking for a 10-year contract from the city so that they are sure to recoup their initial investment in the planned new equipment.

Mayor Melanie Malooley Thompson said she will contact Republic to discuss a few questions the council has and will ask Republic to create a new contract that addresses those questions.

Council is also exploring other options and will continue to discuss the subject at future council meetings.

In Other Council News:

  • The council has approved a resolution awarding a business redevelopment grant in the amount of $6,597 to Mina Patel for the property at 109 St. Paul Street, commonly known as Cloud 9 Smoke Shop.

Patel plans to replace the store’s existing windows and entrance. The door
will be in the center with twin windows on both sides of the door. The work must be
completed by Koolmaster de La Salle and should start soon.

  • Spring Valley approved a $250 donation to BPART, a $100 donation to the Spring Valley Red Devil Youth Baseball Organization, and a $1,000 donation to the Master Walleye Circuit.
  • The council approved an intergovernmental mutual aid agreement from the Illinois Valley Special Response Team. Spring Valley will have an officer who will participate in the team. The agent will undergo monthly training and will be on call to respond to emergencies.
  • Spring Valley has authorized the 36th Annual Lori Walleye Run to be held on March 19, 2022.