ALLEN COUNTY, Indiana (Fort Wayne NBC) – No one likes to see their trash cans filling up in the summer heat and no garbage trucks coming in and hauling the trash.

Some residents of rural eastern Allen County say their garbage collector has been “away” for several weeks.

Noel Horvath and his wife have lived in the same house on Notestine Road, not far from the town of Woodburn for 26 years.

They have a long contract with Republic Services for garbage collection and they are mostly satisfied customers.

But not lately.

They say the last time the garbage truck picked up their trash was Tuesday, June 29.

Horvath says he has called several times to complain and that customer service reps often tell him the teams will be at his house on the same day, but he is still waiting.

“To tell you the truth, it really baffles me that they can’t understand, their problem-solving techniques. I mean… one week I can understand, three weeks is totally unacceptable,” Horvath said.

Sherri Roemer lives nearby.

She can no longer put garbage in the two bins she prepared three and a half weeks ago.

She knows that garbage collection companies are probably struggling to hire enough drivers.

“That’s no excuse. Everyone is understaffed, but you still have to do the job. I pay for this service, you always have to do it. Whether it’s a day late or someone is doing things. Overtime shifts, that’s how it should be done, ”Roemer said.

We contacted the Republic Services headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona to see if they could explain the difficulties with garbage collection.

They acknowledged that delays in collections have occurred for rural customers outside of Woodburn and Harlan in eastern Allen County.

They provided a statement that read, in part, “Many industries are currently facing staffing issues, and the recycling and waste disposal industry is no different.

The statement went on to say, “Republic Services of Fort Wayne carefully monitors the needs of our clients and communities with the supply and availability of our talent and adjusts our efforts to attract, engage and retain talent accordingly.”

The company says garbage pickup will take place on time next week.