INGLEWOOD – A national waste hauler is causing grief and strife in two southern towns. One gripe has to do with price increases and the other has to do with their inability to pick up trash.

Residents of the City of Inglewood have received a letter from Republic Services regarding the annual fare increase authorized by the City Council which receives campaign donations from the carrier.

The notice says the price increase should be adjusted to “provide better hours of collection service, which will allow better access to valuable street parking,” the undated notice reads. The notice does not specify the amount of the increase.

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The city’s garbage contract was called into question when a former council member said the overall contract would be too costly for the people of Inglewood and the mayor would have opted for the Republic, allegedly because they had gave his brother a job when council voted on the matter. The contract was approved 3-1, with the mayor abstaining due to his brother’s employment, despite voting in favor of exclusive negotiations with the Republic.

Then District Attorney Jackie Lacey investigated the case and her office lost the case according to an article in The Times. The FBI interviewed other companies that had bid for the contract, but nothing else was said about it.

Residents of the city of Santa Ana complain loudly that as soon as Republic Services got a big contract that was previously held by Waste Management, the problems started.

It was originally announced that Athens Services would receive an 18-year contract worth over $600 million. Athens was also entangled in Inglewood when they told the LA Times they were approached about hiring the mayor’s brother James T. Butts to secure the contract.

In Santa Ana, they also opted for Republic Services (Consolidated Disposal Services) over Waste Management and Athens, although Athens offers the lowest cost to residents, likely in part because their employees are non-unionized.

The new contract began on July 1, but the company says it cannot pick up trash due to a lack of employees, resulting in fines for residents who left their overflowing bins.

The situation has been made worse by the fact that city employees are actually leaving nasty notices about residences that have left their trash cans out in hopes of eventually having them picked up. City notices say residents can be fined $500 for a second warning and $1,000 for a third warning.

It’s unbelievable that the City of Santa Ana is resorting to citing residents when the real culprit is Republic Services — and the majority of the city council, as well as Mayor Vince Sarmiento — who awarded the garbage haul contract to Republic. Services.

City of Santa Ana cites residents for leaving trash cans that have not yet been emptied

The Inglewood waste contract is currently under negotiation. Previous reports said one of Inglewood’s council members had been awarded a consulting contract with the waste hauler two years after voting in favor of the current contract. The mayor of Inglewood reportedly received 2 out of 3 votes when his brother detailed his rent to the mayor during his bankruptcy filing.

Are the city council and the waste hauler colluding in sizing up residents under the guise of providing unionized jobs?

How many union jobs have been lost and outsourced to private companies under the mayor of Inglewood since he took office in 2011?